Life without Controversy? Bo-ring.

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This post’s brilliance has to do with controversy. I thought it might be fun if I went through the staple political and social issues and briefly stated my view on each. I have no doubt I will elaborate on some of these in separate posts, but here is the rundown of where I fall on the issues. If I ever try to run for Prez, please stop me. I’d be screwed.

Abortion – I support a woman’s right to choose. For me personally I would not choose to have an abortion, but if you asked me five years ago it may have been a different answer. I just don’t think it’s good form to boss other people around, especially when it comes to their bodies. Also, Pro-Choice is NOT Anti-Life.

Alcohol – Lower the drinking age and make Breathalyzers on cars mandatory. By 21 I had a complete understanding of how to handle alcohol. But, then again, I had been drinking for four years by then. Kids need about five years to get a handle on it.

Aliens – Oh yeah. There are definitely aliens.

Animal Experimentation – OK for medicine, not good for cosmetics. Actually did a speech on this in high school – shout out to Mrs. Cheek she was awesome!

Breed Banning – I’ve never met a pit bull I didn’t adore. Nurture over nature on that one.

Creation vs. Evolution – A little of both, actually. Believe in a higher power but also believe in species evolving over time.

Death Penalty – No. No. No.

Death via Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia – Yes, but must meet criteria. Like… a screening to make sure the person is capable of making that decision.

Divorce – Don’t believe in going back on your word but there are exceptions. Violence is one and infidelity another. And I’m not talking about something like a kiss… it’s a lot easier to accidentally kiss someone than to accidentally bang them – excuse to language. That just doesn’t happen. And a kiss I could probably work through, sex I could not.

Drug Legalization – If it grows out of the ground, sell it and tax it. Can you say: no more debt for the good ole US OF A? Sure we’d all be high but to my knowledge no one has ever smoked a joint and jumped off a building because they thought they could fly. They just wanna eat and watch cartoons or the Animal Planet.

Drug Testing – Only if there are performance problems.

Guns – Seriously get rid of them all. Let’s go back to fighting with sticks and stones. I always say to my husband… if we DON’T have a gun in the house, the chance of me getting accidentally shot is ZERO. If we have a gun in the house, the probability goes up 100 percent…

Homosexuality – A chemical is in charge of who you are attracted to. Proof? I’m married and see beautiful people all the time that my body responds to. Not being a slut, that’s a choice. Whatever my body does its chemical. Besides, why would anyone choose something guaranteed to cause them almost constant misery (from a social aspect, of course)?

Illegal Immigrants – This country was founded on immigrants. It would be hypocritical to ban them now.

Lottery – Get rid of it.

Marriage, same-sex – Pro! Pro!

Tobacco – Bad for us. My choice. Leave it alone. OK with banning in restaurants/bars, but wish there was a section.

Welfare – Like the idea of the system but think need stronger screening process, like routine drug screens etc.

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