About Me

My name is Kyrston. It’s pronounced KEER-sten. If it’s easier, you can just call me KP.

I’m a writer not by trade, but by identity. (By trade, I wait tables and bartend, but my true passion lives on the page). My writing tends to be prolific, self-depricating, and honest. I don’t believe in perpetuating bullshit, but I do believe in tact. I’m not afraid to share my secrets with the world, or admit when I am wrong. More than anything else, I wish to help other people by talking about the things I’ve learned about myself. It would be really cool if someone paid me to do that.

I’m also a college student – an English Major with a focus in Creative Writing (of course). I’m 25. My birthday is in July and I’m a Leo. My favorite color is Red. I’m in a fabulous relationship with a man I hope to one day marry. I enjoy binge-watching Netflix, adventure, and going outside my comfort zone. I also like Tequila and pretending I’m good at arts and crafts.

To be honest with you, I’m not really sure what purpose an “About Me” serves, other than to tell you what I think you want to know. If I missed something, ask. Here’s a flattering picture for you, too!



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