First blog of ever. Sort of.

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If you took the time to read the About portion of my little blog here then you understand the title. I have been blogging for many years but it has been quite a while since I have done it at all, let alone a regular basis.

This is a place for me to express myself. I hate writing in an actual diary because my brain works faster than my handwriting and I don’t want to be slowed down by writer’s cramp.

I also believe that putting it out there for everyone to see makes it real – you can’t hide from what you say or how you feel.

That being said, it isn’t really a diary at all. I won’t be posting about my drama with my friends or the drama at work or the drama with my spouse. That is a good way to lose all three. I briefly considered creating a blog under a false identity so that I could do this, but the idea was fleeting and, if I may point out the obvious, incredibly moronic.

So it will most likely be a place where I can share my thoughts and feelings about lots of different stuff. My friends and husband will tell you that I can talk for hours. Part of this is because I just have so much to say, but mostly I think it takes me awhile to “talk it out” and get to the core of what’s going on. I don’t really expect anyone to have to listen to my external thought process, but hey, I can write all damn day and no one has to read it if they don’t want to. I, however, feel much better afterwards.

Not only that, but I imagine this will someday turn into a way to keep family in touch with what’s going on in my life. I do have a FB but it never really seemed like a good blogging website. WordPress, however, is dedicated to something like this. Or BlogSpot, or LiveJournal, or Tumblr, or YouTube. Whatever medium strikes your fancy. I chose this one.

So maybe eventually this will be the place to post about my pregnancy or my house or my children or my… whatever. But for right now it’s just for posting me.

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