A Canvas: Crushed

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This is a poem I wrote back in 2006. I went through a phrase where I wrote poetry in droves. Unfortunately most of it is crap, but this one I really like. Enjoy!

Without hope I pause underneath the shade
of a willow tree too worn-out to weep.
Your happiness, as well as mine, forbade.
Our secrets, again, we are forced to keep. 

Hot summer nights beckon rain from bleak skies.
Reality bends, drops begin to fall.
Two faces: a canvas. We wonder: why?
All that we knew, knowing nothing at all. 

A mound of our wishes crushed long ago
beneath the heel of fate, where they shall stay.
But where are we going? We’ll never know.
Life will continue, this game we shall play.

Perhaps, one day, we will meet you and I.
Until then, my canvas mirrors the sky.

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