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Hi, all. I have been super busy working on my research paper, re-learning all of the math that I have forgotten in the past ten years, continuing to work on myself and achieve deeper levels of understanding about life, falling in love (!), work, and the like. Things are going amazing for me and I am just so happy with where I am in my life. I feel like it’s a movie.

It’s hard to believe that in just two days I will reach the anniversary of my marriage unofficially ending (it took a few months for the divorce paperwork to go through). I feel like such a different person. No, scratch that, I am a different person. I am putting forth new and different energy and thus receiving new and different energy in return. It’s all very exciting. I feel as though I am finally feeling the reward of the work I have done the past year… and it has been hard work. I have exerted massive amounts of energy to re-create myself and I am just LOVING the new me. The new me is a rock star.

The blogging has really helped me process everything I am going through. Being able to write about my experiences gives me the opportunity to process things “out loud”, and I have made leaps and bounds in terms of how I feel about myself and the world. Some others I know are either veteran bloggers or new to blogging, and I want to take this opportunity to link their blogs so that you may see what they are up to.

First, my dear friend Jack who lives in the midwest. He and I have had many amazing conversations and although we do not talk frequently, I know that we will be life long friends. His blog is hysterical and such a fun read! You can find it here! http://christianfearinggodman.blogspot.com/

Next, my amazing parents. They bought a camper a few weeks ago and have been having all kinds of adventures. I am the oldest of three daughters and the youngest one is going to be a senior in high school next year. Since I live at home, they have ample opportunities to travel about because I can be here with my sister so she doesn’t throw parties and stuff. Anyway, my sister and I helped my mom set up a blog all about their camping adventures. My mom writes about every experience and then my dad goes in and adds his commentary (in italics) once she is done. They are both incredibly funny and it’s so amazing to see them reconnecting as a couple and getting to spend lots of time together. You find their blog here: http://camperchronicles.com/

Finally, my younger (but not the youngest… so the middle one) sister who lives in Minnesota. You can tell by the way she says words. She’s hilarious. She’s started a new youtube channel and series called “Level Up Life” all about growing up. She’s nearly 22 and flew the coop at age 18. She amazes me because she’s made of strong stuff – whereas I frequently whine and cry about my sucky life when I’m feeling down, Katy (or Kat, as she calls herself. She will always be Katy to me, or Kate) just pushes forward even harder. All of us girls are made of solid steel, but I think it materializes in different ways for all of us. In addition, we are all still evolving as individuals. Anyway, Katy has a tumblr and a youtube channel. You can find her youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn7KO2AMhjqW7nbN8ovsmoQ and her tumblr here: http://nacllick.tumblr.com/

Yes, her pen name is NaClLick. Salt lick. Took me about a million years to figure that shit out. This is the kid that eats pretzels but really just wants the salt off the pretzel, and loves tortilla chips but really just like to lick the salt off. Oh, wait, maybe that’s just me.

So, that’s that. I find it fascinating what we all care about. Katy is all about growing up and becoming an adult – what does it mean, anyway? My parents are all about adventures later in life and trying something completely new, and I mostly focus on abusive relationships and personal growth. I would imagine that if Kasey (or Kay, as she calls herself – she is the youngest of the three of us) had a blog, it would either be about Harry Potter, A Capella Music, or how awesome she is.

Anyhow, I should probably get started on some more research at this point, or maybe do some math homework. I know what I REALLY want to do is take a nap before I go door-to-door asking for pledge money for the humane society walk tomorrow.

I hope that everyone has an uplifting and spiritually fulfilling day!

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